Our first clutch of 2009! We have babies for sale..

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Ball python clutch of 7 catching May 15th 2009

Ball python hatching clutch of 7 fulling hatching May 15th 2009


More photos from our first clutch of 2009 and indroducing Laura and Jay Northern Herps new breeders

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“Hello I’m Laura, and I’m new to Northern Herp. My husband Jay and I love reptiles, and are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the guys at Northern Herp. We are currently housing two normal females and a spider male. Both our normal females have laid nice clutches for us (7 and 5 eggs) and we can’t wait for our hatchlings! These ladies were housed communally, so its gonna be a grab bag on who sired these little ones, which makes it pretty exciting cause you never know what you might get! Our bigger female, which I nicknamed “BigMomma” laid a clutch of 7 eggs on March 22nd, and “BabyGirl” laid her clutch of 5 on April 23rd. Hopefully we will see some babies from the first clutch the week of May 18th, and the others to follow the week of June 22nd. I’ll keep you posted ;)”

Ball Python spiders and normal babies Victoria 2009

Just started this years breeding for 2009 so far so good!

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Hello world ….our baby pythons took there first look out of their soft egg shells

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Another one of our females had 6 more eggs!

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Just had more eggs from our surprise mom the small female ball python

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Our first Clutch

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We had are first ball python eggs of the year six in total..